About us


We’re a young, modern company which is thriving in the welding industry. We’re using proven methods of assembly and welding of steel constructions of different dimensions. Our welders are capable of perfect handling of black, stainless steel as well as aluminum. The constructions we make must be adequately protected against corrosion, chemicals and high temperature as well as mechanical damage,that’s why we’re zincing each of them and in situations requiring additional protection, we paint-powder them.I n addition, we thoroughly clean steel of all contamination using abrasive blasting technology.

WELDING WITH PASSION, therefore, the product which you order from us, will be done with the greatest care!


Although WeldArt Construction has been operating on the market for a short time, in everyday work we use the vast experience of Andrzej Procak, the founder of our company. For 15 years, he has carried out foreign contracts, working on ships and oil platforms in northern Europe. He worked for the Norwegian company RC OFFSHORE, which implements advanced projects on North Sea drilling platforms. During this time, he had a chance to know the highest European standards in the welding industry as well as in the field of business and customer service.

After his return to Poland, he decided to use the experience gained abroad and opened WeldArt Construction, a company in which we WELWARE WITH PASSION!


We have been a subcontractor for large companies in Norway and Denmark since the creation of WeldArt Construction. Foreign enterprises appreciate us for accuracy, responsibility and punctuality, which is why we are asked for welding and assembly of 10 tons of steel structures every month.

Our largest client is RC OFFSHORE, a Norwegian company for which we equip containers type 10ft DNV 2.7-1 offshore in steel constructions of the S355 steel grade and all power hydraulics, i.e. hydraulic cylinders, distributors and hydraulic units.


The most important goal of WeldArt Construction is the exact implementation of the service that you will entrust us with. We know perfectly well that in this industry, in addition to precision, timeliness is what counts. Therefore, working with us, you can rest assured that your order will be completed on time! Through appropriate cost control, we perform our work at competitive prices and the products that we prepare for you will have the highest quality.

We realize that you also care about the efficient execution of the order, therefore we will do our best to reduce the time of prefabrication and installation to an absolute minimum.

Satisfied customers are our greatest success, give us a lot of satisfaction and motivate us to work on the continuous development of our services. Join our satisfied customers!